• Raajveer Singh Bisht

MeToo and MenToo

How sensationalism is allowing an entire gender to be ostracized from receiving any form of counsel in their darkest times.

It started with an Inshorts news bit about a certain actress "imploring" the nation not to support a new hashtag movement (the MenToo movement). It didn't help that the certain actress was/is heavily involved in another hashtag movement (the MeToo movement).

The argumentations provided by said actress are as follows:

1.) The movement can embolden real harassers, rapists into forming organisations to shield themselves from justice and the law.

2.) Men's rights organisations could threaten the safety of women.

Heres my take on it.

Simply put there must exist one simple principle within the system of justice in any state - "Innocent until proven guilty". Media trials, sensationalism, hyper-dramatisation aside each and every case of any allegation must happen under the correct procedure and correct protocol. The reason why such organisations for "men's rights" are being formed and gaining traction is to protect innocent people from false accusations. An example of false allegations of sexual harassment come from the world of Youtube. A certain Youtube celebrity involved in the fashion industry was accused by his former "mentor" of using his position, fame, money and connections to "prey" upon straight men and "turn" them gay or bisexual. This led to that Youtube personality facing a boycott by the entire industry and severe backlash from fans. In the end the "straight man being turned gay" set the record straight (pun intended) by explaining that he had approached said celebrity and had initiated the relationship. The damage however was already done.

These "men's rights" organisations are here to protect men from false allegations of dowry, sexual harassment etc. The argument/claim that such organisations will shield and embolden the spirits of harassers and the such is not only completely illogical but also is clearly swept away when we realise that under India's judicial system each person has the right to equality before law and also the right to seek legal counsel. THEREFORE, such organisations only help individuals seek counsel, therapy and gain proper tools to fight back against said charges and allegations.

However the bigger point of today's rant is this:

Women do have it tough in the world, but that doesn't disqualify men from seeking the same level of support, help and counseling that is provided to women who undergo similar ordeals. The reports of emotional trauma stemming from such false accusations themselves prove that such organisations are needed to ensure the proper dispensing of justice. Personally there is nothing more disgusting than a person belittling the hurdles, obstacles and general trauma that another person is facing solely to glorify their own trauma.

The basic human qualities of empathy and kindness must be extended to all and the dangerous precedent of knee jerk reactions and outright social boycott of individuals must be stopped.

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